Brunch Brisket and Challah Waffles!


I recently tried the challah waffles from Molly Yeh’s Molly on the Range and they were AMAZING. Slightly crispy and chewy outside, soft and fluffy inside, with chunks of pearl sugar throughout- these were pretty much like soft pretzels disguised as waffles. Aka the BEST WAFFLES EVER. Which, of course, means my husband hates them. My daughter eats them straight off the waffle iron with me though!

No joke- these are the first waffles I have ENJOYED making. They start out as little balls of dough, so there is no messy portioning or anything. They did make the waffle maker kind of sticky, but not as badly as I was expecting with the pearl sugar everywhere. You can find Molly’s challah waffle recipe here. Or in the cookbook. I wonder if I could convert these to sourdough? I smell a future experiment!

Anyway, in the cookbook the waffles are paired with a nice bold brisket and gravy. Sounds kinda crazy, but it’s delicious! The brisket gravy was a little sweet for me, but that could have been the wine I chose. (I’m not a huge wine drinker, but I know drinking wine is better than cooking wine so I just tried my best to pick one.) I served ours with roasted Korean sweet potatoes, which were delightful. I’m definitely planning on making these again, perhaps with a few tweaks.


By the way- leftover brisket and gravy are super good on sourdough! I’m thinking about trying this with chuck roast next time too, as brisket is pretty expensive near me.


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