Book Review- The Dumpling Galaxy Cookbook by Helen You

Hi friends!

I recently came home and had this little beauty waiting for me.


Dumplings are one of those foods that I’d love to tackle someday, but so far I have not found the right motivation. This book is on the edge of changing that, I think I might jump in and try it out!

I have fond memories of a friend’s mom making these from scratch when I was a kid. I’d go to their house and she’d be making dumplings from, all the while apologizing and offering to make me pizza. We are from different cultures, I guess she was afraid I would find them weird. I would apologize back for intruding and insist I just wanted dumplings, and man they were delicious!

Dumpling Galaxy by Helen You is a cute little book. It’s shorter than most cookbooks, and not especially thick, but don’t be fooled- if you are interested in dumplings this book is a gem. The pages are matte, the photos are lovely, and the color scheme inside grabs your attention. I love the pronunciation guide for the traditional Chinese words, it’s definitely helpful. All blurbs are eloquently written and relate to the recipes. This book is a tactile delight and a lot of fun to read.

The author of this one is super inspiring. She wanted to work for herself, so she put in the effort until she could. She started with a small food stall in New York, and eventually worked her way into opening her own restaurant.

The flavors in the book are really neat, there are a lot of traditional veggie heavy Chinese recipes, but you can tell that the author took inspiration from her surroundings when you get to the more western recipes like the beef and tomato dumplings. And this book gives you information on how to cook everything- wrappers, fillings, different preparation methods, multiple dough shapes. Everything comes together to maximize flavor, texture, and visual appeal. There are also sides, condiments, and sauces in this book! I do like how non fussy it is as well. For example, the author does give recommendations for store bought wrappers if you don’t want to make your own without making you feel like you are ruining anything. She’s also very inventive, she uses egg cartons to keep shaped dumplings at their best! You won’t have to fill your kitchen with a bunch of new items just to try out dumpling making.

Dumplings are delicious, but have always worried me when it came to making them at home. Raw meat in raw dough- how do you really KNOW it’s cooked through? But the author does address this, along with some of my other worries, and this book is giving me the urge to try.

If you’ve ever wanted to try making dumplings at home I definitely recommend finding this book. Please note that I received this book from blogging for books in exchange for my honest review. You can find more information on the book here




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