Sourdough Cinnamon Chocolate Twist Bread


It’s been a whole month, where did the time go? Life gets busy I suppose. I hope you all had a good holiday!

Anyway, I’ve been finding that more and more I have been wanting to challenge myself in my baking, but I have limited time and space available. I want the most bang for my buck out of anything new I do decide to try. I love the recipes that seem hard and impressive, but really are fairly easy. This is one of those recipes, at least it is if you are used to sourdough.

This sourdough cinnamon chocolate twist bread comes from the blog my daily sourdough bread. It’s very nicely written, definitely worth a look. For a first attempt I think I did pretty well! There are a few changes I want to make next time, but there is nothing wrong with the recipe as it’s written.

First, the shaping. I feel like I rolled it too skinny, which made it messier than it had to be. The real problem though is that big plain looking part where the ends meet. There will probably always be SOMETHING a little different there, but next time I want to cut my dough all the way through instead of leaving it connected at the top, before turning the sides outward. I feel like this will work better for me. Or at the very least I’d like to leave much less of the connection at the top, I think I got too worried about it coming apart and left too much (which is ridiculous, the recipe author says you can cut it all the way through if you want.) That mixed with the squishing together of the ends just made an ugly spot. Powdered sugar helped a little, but I expect practice will be the only thing that really helps.

I also think I’d like to change the flavor a bit next time. The chocolate cinnamon was fine, but I think just cinnamon would be nice as well. It might be fun to use cinnamon or chocolate and chunks of fruit (probably dried) as well. Things to think about another day.

This is an enriched bread, and it’s baked in a skillet without steam. The loaf is much more tender than I’ve made so far, but I wouldn’t exactly call it flaky or anything. I don’t think it’s supposed to be. The swirls are layers, kind of similar to a smoother cinnamon roll. It was delicious and fun to eat, even with the blank spot it turned out pretty fancy, and I plan on trying it again sometime in the future.

I have so many things I want to make, and so little time! I’m just waiting to see what becomes a need next. Happy baking 🙂



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