Book Review- Molly on the Range recipes and stories from an unlikely life on a farm by Molly Yeh


You know those people who are so over-the-top happy all the time that you just kind of have to hate them a little? First glance at the cover of this book and you might think Molly Yeh is one of them, but she is definitely NOT one of those people. In almost every photo I have seen of her, in her book and elsewhere, she has a gigantic smile. It’s infectious somehow! Combined with her personable writing (it’s like she’s talking to a friend, for real. Hi Molly! Let’s be friends!) and her honest real talk (mentions of lunchables, a recipe for hot dog cheese, a note that cheap olive oil tastes like peepee- these gems and many more can be found in here) this book comes together into something quite lovely. The author runs the blog my name is yeh which I have just recently discovered, and I think she’s kind of awesome. She grew up in the suburbs in the 90’s (like me!), moved to the city, then moved again to the country where she is now learning to love the farming life. She’s traveled a bit, and had some quite adventurous foodie experiences in college. Together with her strong ties to her Jewish/Chinese heritage I believe Molly Yeh has a unique perspective. Her humor pulls everything together to create a thoroughly charming and enjoyable reading experience.


This book is full of beautiful pictures and drawings. Each recipe has a short story to go along with it, and there is more in depth information about the author scattered throughout. There are more than 100 recipes in this book broken into four parts- breakfast and brunch, mains (and some other fun stuff), snacks and celebrations, and desserts. There are also ingredient notes close to the front of the book that I found very helpful, funny, and true.

There’s a lot of bread in here, and it all looks super delicious! It’s not sourdough, but I am planning on trying pretty much every one of them as written, then if I get the hang of them I can try to convert them. Nothing against commercial yeast, I just really love using my sourdough starter whenever I can. I especially want to try the pimiento cheese babka, the picture is mouthwatering and I feel like I can almost taste it. I’ve never tried pimiento cheese before. Now that I know I don’t actually hate mayo, I just hate miracle whip, I’m thinking I will probably like it. We will see how it goes.

I am also really looking forward to making the schnitzel bao with sriracha mayo and sesame pickles, fried cheesy pickles, sweet potato lefse with rosemary cream, marzipan, brown sugar cookies (or chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips), and SO MANY MORE. Maybe some of the cakes too, they are super cute.

Everything about this book makes me happy, it just exudes joy from every page. Go and buy this book right now! Flip through it at the very least. It is full of fantastic recipes, though it would be worth buying for the stories and pictures alone. It’s truly a beautiful book.


Please note that I received this book from the publisher to review, however, all opinions are my own.



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