Book review- Soframiz by Ana Sortun & Maura Kilpatrick


Soframiz by Ana Sortun & Maura Kilpatrick is, like the cover says, a book full of vibrant middle eastern recipes from Sofra Bakery & Café. The recipes are varied, mostly middle eastern with some untraditional ones thrown in (such as earthquake cookies, pumpkin jam, and a few more.)

The photos in this book are beautiful! They are done very well and I can almost taste the food coming off the pages. For trickier recipes, such as flower pogaca rolls or red lentil durum with pickled peppers there are full page photo spreads showing essential techniques. These photos are clear and really show you how to do what you need to do.

Each recipe has a blurb, some of them stories and some just detailing out what the dish is or when it is traditionally served. I usually like this in a cookbook. Here, however, while they do not detract from the reading experience I did not find them as captivating as I sometimes do.

Many of these recipes call for ingredients I have seen in my local grocery stores but do not necessarily have on hand. Before I really get into cooking from this book I’m going to have to stock up on things like tahini, phyllo dough, za’atar, and more. I’m planning on taking it one recipe at a time.

I’m in the middle of some sourdough experiments right now, but as soon as I finish I plan on trying the pita bread recipe from this book (pg 69.) I like that the recipe shows how to make both the wrap type and the pocket type of pitas.  The best part is I have all of the ingredients in my cabinet! I also have ingredients for the earthquake cookies and I plan on making some with my daughter later on today. There are a lot of bread and roll type recipes in here that I definitely want to try out!

Towards the back of the book there is a pantry section, which details out recipes for sauces, spice mixes, etc. that are called for earlier in the book. After that you will find a section on essential ingredients which gives information on and sources to buy from for some of the lesser known things that are called for in this book.

All in all, if you like middle eastern food or have enjoyed the Sofra bakery & café, definitely pick up this book. Otherwise, if you see it, give it a flip through. It probably isn’t destined to become one of my favorites, but it is a beautiful book and will be nice to have around. You can find more information and pick up a copy here.

Please note that I received this book from blogging for books in exchange for my honest review.



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