Book Review- Cook Korean! by Robin Ha



Let me start out by saying THIS IS THE MOST ADORABLE COOKBOOK I HAVE EVER SEEN! When I first received it in the mail I wasn’t sure how excited about it I was, but the more I look through it the more awesome it is.

This book is part cookbook, part comic book, and filled with fun. The recipes are mostly very approachable. Every time there is an odd ingredient listed there is an explanation as to what said ingredient is, and sometimes possible substitutions are listed as well.

There are illustrations on every page, and they are super cute and relevant to each dish and the author’s story. There are cooking tips illustrated in comic form as well. I personally have made the omelet fried rice (complete with ketchup kitty decoration, per my daughter’s request. She was flipping through the book by herself and asked for it while looking at pictures. It was so cute she even tried a few bites!) and the brown sugar pancakes. Both recipes were easy to follow and the results were delicious.

I will definitely be trying more out of this book soon. This is a great introduction to Korean cuisine, and if you see this book while you are out and about it is definitely worth picking up and giving it a flip through!


Please note that I received this book from blogging for books in exchange for my honest review.



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