Sourdough Cinnamon Chocolate Twist Bread


It’s been a whole month, where did the time go? Life gets busy I suppose. I hope you all had a good holiday!

Anyway, I’ve been finding that more and more I have been wanting to challenge myself in my baking, but I have limited time and space available. I want the most bang for my buck out of anything new I do decide to try. I love the recipes that seem hard and impressive, but really are fairly easy. This is one of those recipes, at least it is if you are used to sourdough. Continue reading

Autumn upside-down cake from the Sourdough Cookbook by Sarah Owens

Sourdough by Sarah Owens is another book I should do an actual review on. And soon. For now I’ll say I love this book. I’ve made a bunch of things from it already and it’s so nice to have things to make from my sourdough starter other than bread. Here is a poorly lit picture of the cover if you’re interested-

img_2694 Continue reading

First fougasse attempt

Hey friends!

One of my friends recently made some fougasse, and they were beautiful. I was jealous, so I decided to try too. That same day. Sometimes that’s how I am.

I took my Parmesan and black pepper sourdough recipe, then added some garlic powder and replaced 80% of the water with my favorite tomato sauce. Why? Because I could, that’s why! It made the dough a little tricky to work with, but it wasn’t super sticky or anything. I watched a bunch of youtube videos, then decided to follow the easiest looking one, which was not the smartest idea I’ve ever had as my dough was DEFINITELY NOT THE SAME. Somehow I did manage to get my dough somewhat shaped and into the pans and then into the oven. Continue reading

Book Review- Molly on the Range recipes and stories from an unlikely life on a farm by Molly Yeh


You know those people who are so over-the-top happy all the time that you just kind of have to hate them a little? First glance at the cover of this book and you might think Molly Yeh is one of them, but she is definitely NOT one of those people. In almost every photo I have seen of her, in her book and elsewhere, she has a gigantic smile. It’s infectious somehow! Combined with her personable writing (it’s like she’s talking to a friend, for real. Hi Molly! Let’s be friends!) and her honest real talk (mentions of lunchables, a recipe for hot dog cheese, a note that cheap olive oil tastes like peepee- these gems and many more can be found in here) this book comes together into something quite lovely. The author runs the blog my name is yeh which I have just recently discovered, and I think she’s kind of awesome. She grew up in the suburbs in the 90’s (like me!), moved to the city, then moved again to the country where she is now learning to love the farming life. She’s traveled a bit, and had some quite adventurous foodie experiences in college. Together with her strong ties to her Jewish/Chinese heritage I believe Molly Yeh has a unique perspective. Her humor pulls everything together to create a thoroughly charming and enjoyable reading experience. Continue reading

Book Review- Power Vegetables by Peter Meehan and the editors of Lucky Peach



If you love the ridiculousness that is Lucky Peach there is a good chance you will love Power Vegetables! Turbocharged Recipes for Vegetables with Guts by Peter Meehan and the editors of Lucky Peach. This book is quirky, silly, but also informative. The  premise of the book is to present easy, weeknight vegetable dishes with real flavor for people looking to eat meals that are more veggie centric. There are no pasta recipes, egg-on-it dishes, or grain bowls. There are plenty of those types of recipes out there in the world right now, and this book wants to be innovative, giving NEW ideas for dinner. That said, there is a note saying most anything in the book (or leftovers!) could be eaten over pasta or as part of a grain bowl. The author’s focus will just be on other things. The book also makes a point to say that from the author’s perspective fish and dairy are ok. While the author wants to show how awesome veggies can be this book is not a super strict “you must eat this way” type of book. Oh, and just in case you are a stickler for produce classification there is a note saying that fruits are vegetables as well. Cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, etc.- all are treated as vegetables for this book. That’s ok with me! Continue reading

Parmesan and black pepper sourdough


My scoring went wonky again (I’m not surprised. I’ll get there.) but this bread is DELICIOUS. The texture is right, the flavor is right, the dough is only a little bit hard to handle. The crust is crispy and light, the inside is not super open but is definitely moist. I will add this one to my rotation for sure. Recipe below. Continue reading

Book Review- Food52 A New Way to Dinner by Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs


The new Food52 book, A New Way To Dinner, is beautiful. The cover is heavy duty, the spine is textured, and the pages are not wimpy. The cover and the back are taken up mostly by beautiful food photographs, as befits a cookbook.

A New Way To Dinner by Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs focuses on menus allowing for the bulk of the cooking to be done over the weekend. This eliminates the weeknight scramble and makes daily dinner preparations much easier. Pre prepping meals like this can help eliminate the accidental take out and going out for dinner nights that we all have as well, potentially helping the reader save money. Continue reading

Sourdough grilled cheese with salami and pickles

Hi friends! Did you know that you can add salami and pickles to grilled cheese? I didn’t! I saw a thing on the facebook page of Bon Appetit (the magazine). It doesn’t really require a recipe, but it did spark an idea.

I also recently learned that you can use mayo on the outside of grilled cheese sandwiches if you’re out of butter. Or if you just want to. There is a flavor change, but it’s pretty minor. The first time I read about that I thought it would make a terrible mess in my pan, but it didn’t. Worked about the same for me!

Pseudo recipe/stacking order

2 slices sourdough coated with butter or mayo on the outsides

thin sliced cheddar cheese

pickles sliced thinly


more thin sliced cheddar cheese

put in a frying pan or on a griddle, cook on each side until golden brown and delicious.

Cut into triangles and serve. Or whichever shape you want, but triangles are better. Or don’t cut it- I’m not going to make you.


Book review- Soframiz by Ana Sortun & Maura Kilpatrick


Soframiz by Ana Sortun & Maura Kilpatrick is, like the cover says, a book full of vibrant middle eastern recipes from Sofra Bakery & Café. The recipes are varied, mostly middle eastern with some untraditional ones thrown in (such as earthquake cookies, pumpkin jam, and a few more.) Continue reading